Monday, May 25, 2015

Dreamers Vs. Reality I contemplate what to write here after quite a lengthy blogging hiatus, I come up kind of blank. I mean, there is SO much I could say but I am concerned about adding my noise to the already insane noise of the internet unless it adds some kind of value. That being said, this blog has mostly been for myself. A way to process and remember some very amazing experiences. Particularly, my experiences in Africa.

I'm not in Africa right now. The sights and sounds and experiences I have currently are very regular and normal. Mundane even. I mother, I cook, I clean, I look for work (yup, currently unemployed), I exercise, I take walks...I always read about people trying to be present and enjoy the moment. Do you suppose there are just some people, (like me), who just cannot live in the present, at least not without difficulty? Is it something I must learn? I am always looking for what's ahead, something better, brighter, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, the utopia. Ha ha ha...I have always been and will always be a dreamer. I am adept at hiding my dreaminess though. ;) I use sarcasm and cynicism to protect myself from the harsh blows of...REALITY. Oh God! Reality! Noooooooooooooooo! (crossing arms over face to protect myself). You might not even realize it when you meet me just how hopeful I am that the world can be better. That I can be better. That there is meaning and purpose in this life. The friends who know me well, will not even argue. That girl there...oh boy...yup, a dreamer.

I definitely don't want to take this time for granted. And I am sure there are valuable lessons to be learned when practicing mindfulness. Like, "all we have is this moment." So, perhaps, by re-igniting my blog, I will find meaning in the everyday. And it will help me move through a particularly draining time in my life. So yeah, blog on!

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