Sunday, September 02, 2012

This Is Not A Food Blog...

...But I had to post about this meal I made because it made me very happy. I found "Mexican Spice" in one of the South African supermarkets and thought I'd give it a try. Bought some "mince" as they call it here, for all you N.Americans, that would be ground beef. Then I splurged on cheese, a fairly expensive luxury.

At home I fried up the beef, added the spice with some water. It was super spicy. But something was missing. I remembered from some recipes I'd seen online that cumin is a common taco seasoning ingredient so I added some cumin. Yup! That was the trick. I had to add some more water though because it was really spicy. Not a bad thing though.

I made some chapatis in place of tortillas. A chapati is an Indian flat bread fried in a little oil and they're lovingly eaten all over Uganda. There are little kiosks here, where you can buy chapati and beans, or fried egg rolled up inside one and they are really easy to make.

I was getting very excited. There are just times when I need to eat "home food." I love me some beans and rice, but today I wanted something different.

I even made some salsa, inspired by another mzungu friend living here. Chopped up tomatoes (first remove the skins for food safety reasons), onion, a little oil and some basil.

Finally, I added some plain yogurt in place of sour cream and voila! My tummy was super pleased! A successful meal made here in Kampala!


Tanya said...

I did almost the exact same thing the other day here, after a neighbour who was leaving bequeathed to me a packet of taco seasoning! So good to be able to make a few tastes from home once in a while, eh?

Nicole MacIver Okiring said...

Truly!! Patrick and my sister-in-law loved it too, only without the cheese and yogurt. :P