Friday, August 31, 2012


Ritual: a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.

We sway, back and forth, back and forth. I am weary from a day filled with wiping noses, changing diapers, folding laundry, cooking dinner. But as she lays her head on my shoulder, slowly, slowly, falling into that sweet slumber, I hear the word, ‘ritual,’ and understand. I take a deep breath and give into it. This is our sanctuary, in the quiet, in the dim, in the in-between states of awake and sleep, letting the day’s drudgeries fall away and securing sacred within my soul. Her smile, her laugh, her discoveries, those tiny arms wrapped around my neck, fingers playing with the hair at the nape of my neck, they are liturgies of love.

I feel the shift. Another change, another developmental leap, another new world for us both to step into. She wants to feed herself, she can go get the ball when I ask her too, she is feeling things differently; her little spirit person is emerging daily as something so vulnerable; enchanting; entertaining! I look at her and wonder, hope, pray; beg for the wisdom to raise her up to be the person she needs to be.

Today was the start of an experiment. I am asking God, what I should do daily to make each day balanced, livable, special, and unique. Today, we went to play at our relative’s home, where they have a spacious, grassy yard. We visited with the maid, a lovely woman. She is so good with Grace. It was just nice to get out of the house, see something different, feel the outside air especially after a week of being sick and stuck indoors.

We went to buy some carrots and that task turned into a trip to the main market, to see our usual merchant who gave Grace a free mango.

We came home; I cooked supper, the day unfolded as usual…

I am hoping in doing this experiment, to find more purpose in my days or, perhaps, to realize that purpose already exists in the routine; I have just failed to recognize it.

Ritual: a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.

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