Thursday, July 07, 2011

The What If's?

Patrick comes in 3 days, I am 37 weeks along, 3 weeks (give or take) to go and there are dozens of questions rolling around in this hormonally affected brain of mine about being a mom, about what our baby will be like, about the future of our family, about Canada and Africa and where to put down roots and about never ever leaving my husband's side for this long again, no matter how desperate our state.

I keep recalling one step of Ang Tulay (The Bridge) which is FEARS and WORRIES and the painting we put up of a girl, wringing her hands, deep in thought, wondering "WHAT IF." That's me. I am full of "what if's."

At that step, we asked children to write down their fears and worries on a piece of paper, then they could share with the group if they wanted, and finally, we went together as a group to burn them after releasing them to God.

To end off the session, we asked the children to write their hopes and dreams on a bookmark that they could keep and reflect back on. It was simple, but profound for them, and for us adults who went through the steps ourselves.

I think I need to revisit this step of the bridge myself. Yes, I think I do.