Friday, March 18, 2011

"15 Minutes Away"

This song makes me think of me and Patrick right now trying to make ends meet across oceans. Love K'naan's music and what he writes about!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

21 Weeks

I haven't really documented this particular pregnancy journey so far..well, here's a few things from the past couple days...

Heightened sense of smell: as in, I can smell the guy who didn't wash his hair sitting next to me or the guy who had lots of green beer today...ugh!

Hot flashes: almost died today on the packed bus ride to work! I am usually always the cold one!

Centre of gravity changing, clumsiness etc: Yes, that was me who tried to squeeze past the wall and a stantion at work today totally forgetting about the protruding stomach I have.  I am also frequently dropping things like, keys or my half a bagel!

Oh yah, speaking of lunch, is this baby having a sudden growth spurt? I am ravenous and must eat every 2 hours at least!

And then there are the moments I feel baby moving. Nothing so substantial as a kick, but those flutters and waves bring me right to the centre of everything in a moment. My baby. Wow! I love that I first felt baby move when I was walking through the West Africa gallery at work.

And I love my growing tummy. I love to stroke it and talk to baby, feeling our bond growing with every day that passes.

I dream of who baby will be, how Patrick and I will parent baby, what baby will teach us!

I've heard mother's talk of 'falling in love' with their babies. I am only now beginning to understand what they mean.

Cuz I am falling in love!