Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Receiving The Honor of Being American For A Day (So I Could Eat The Food)

My friend Heather who lives here in Kampala and is also married to a Ugandan, David,  invited me to participate in her Thanksgiving Celebration. It was great! I helped her cook all the things we love to eat at Thanksgiving (minus the turkey-no oven). I was impressed how close to perfect all our dishes were. And sharing the meal with her Ugandan family was also special. Take a look..

Sitting around the table "North-American style"
Candied pumpkin
Garlic mashed potatoes
Fried zucchini (not a dish I was familiar with but very yummy)
Deviled eggs (minus paprika)
Caramel pudding dessert with biscuit (aka cookie) crust
The alternative to turkey: fried chicken
David and Heather Kapyate
Family and Friends

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