Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I (Heart) NYK

I have always liked the NYK (New York Kitchen) for its bagels, cream cheese, and bottomless coffee (bottomless anything being a completely foreign concept here in Uganda). They also serve pepperoni pizza and mac and cheese! Never mind they are located in the corner of the parking garage at Garden City Mall, a little car exhaust is a small price to pay for a taste of home. 

So, when my friends and I decided to have lunch there the other day, we were shocked and delighted to see they had renovated the place! Now, the restaurant was actually inside with shiny red and black vinyl booths and metal rimmed tables surrounded by floor to ceiling photos of New York City. 

But what really made our day and I mean MADE our day, were the rows upon roes of cupcakes piled high with buttercream icing! I took one look and thought: "CRAVE CUPCAKES!" Sure enough, we discovered, these cupcakes were of the gourmet persuasion (they even had my favorite, RED VELVET!!!!) and like Crave, once they were sold out that day, they were sold out! I can't even begin to describe the joy of finding something so familiar, so glaringly North American in the midst of everything FOREIGN! It's like a little cupcake haven for the Kampala-weary westerner...

We met the owner, who is as vivacious as the restaurant and promised to put our picture on the wall of the restaurant. This has been her dream and we are quite happy to be the ones to taste the realities of it!

It looks like we're really in Times Square!
I do. I do (heart) New York Kitchen
Very excited me!
Hailin' a taxi cab!


Karebear said...

I will definitely have to come back and see the remodeled restaurant. My mouth was dripping as I read your post. Enjoy!!

Nicole MacIver Okiring said...

Just got an email from the owner saying our pics are framed and on the wall now! :)

Well, if you come back, let me know, we will share a cupcake!