Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Riding The Wave

First week in...

It's been a rocky start, feels like I am still getting my "sea legs" back. I've gone from 4 months being fully immersed in Canada, working almost full time hours, confidently taking Calgary Transit everywhere, going out with friends, grabbing take out coffee anytime I want to, to:

-not knowing what kind of "job" I'm going to find myself here
-suddenly having a lot of time on my hands
-anxiously navigating the bustling city of Kampala
-facing the need to create a new circle of friends in the city
-take out chicken, not take out coffee :-)

However, here is a list of a few things that make me happy to be back:

-PATRICK!! ;-)
-the "Africa smell" a sweet, smoky, earthy, humid air. Same reason I would stop in the African artifact section of the museum's storage when I used to do rounds. I love that smell.
-Lake Victoria (Patrick took me there from the airport when I arrived to have roasted fish on the beach)
-roasted fish
-pear-flavored alvaro, my favorite bevvy here
-the sun and warmth
-our new flat

I actually travelled to Arua on Friday to see my Ugandan Family and pack up the things that have been in storage here. It's a strange feeling to be saying good-bye to the place I've spent the majority of my time while in Uganda. I love Arua, I love living in the West Nile Region of Uganda, I love the people, I love that I'm familiar with the town, how to get around, that I know the shop-keepers. I love the YWAM family here...

But even though it's sad to leave, I have to believe there is something else out there for me. As Toto, my Uganda mother told me, I have to relax and just let things happen as they will. So hard to do after living in a place where you make things happen, here you let it happen. Ok, I might have to find myself a balance between the two, but I know she's right. Part of what makes the adjustment difficult is holding on too tight.

Ok Nicole, time to ride the wave...

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