Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maple Latte Moment

I had a moment today.

I pass the Second Cup in TD Square fairly frequently and always think, I should stop and get a maple latte. They are SO yummy. But I'm trying not to indulge too much in sugary, syrupy calorie-filled things.

Today, as I passed it again, after picking up some last minute items for the trip back to Uganda: The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Polish, 2/$15 camisoles at Suzy Shier, I decided today was the day for the maple latte.

Before I took that first sip, something in me said, "Wait. Savour this moment." So, I took that first sip with all the awareness I could muster, and a wave of bittersweet passed over me. It was the taste of maple, a truly Canadian taste, that made me stop and really take in this moment. In a few weeks, I will once again be in a different place, starting another new journey, no Second Cup or The Body Shop. No more downtown Calgary or museum. I'll be missing summer in the city, when the sun stays up past my bedtime and the city is buzzing with energy...and while I am very ready to leave, I am still a little sad to go...

In that moment, I stopped being just another shopper in a mall. I sat down and was aware of the people walking to and from their workplaces, the end of day commuters, the look, smell and feel of the cafe...

I took those few minutes to centre myself, if you will, to remind myself, that change is on the horizon and I need to try and grasp the last bits of Canada that I can. Stepping outside into a beautiful spring day in downtown Calgary, I felt the moment passing as I fell into step with the rest of the pedestrians making their way home. But I won't forget. I've filed it away so that when I need it, Canada will be close to me.

All that being said, I think I need to find some maple syrup coffee flavour to take with me! :)

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