Sunday, February 07, 2010

Finding My Inner Artist

A number of factors induced this sudden resurgence of my creative side: 

            ..working back at the museum and being surrounded by creativity, 
            ..the need to connect with myself on a deeper level as I adjust again to this world while still feeling the pull of that world,
   have something to do when I can't sleep, 
            ..and finally, to begin a portfolio of various art works for the possible future study of art therapy. (I've learned that you don't have to be an "artist" to study art therapy. You just need to have some experience with different art mediums.)   

And even if I don't end up going down the art therapy path, being creative is still worth it for all the other reasons listed.

So here is something I painted one night when I couldn't sleep...I attached two different versions, one is taken with flash on the camera and one is without flash:


canadiangranola said...

What was that about not being an artist? Sister, you have an eye, and a soul that inspires me.

Nicole said...

Wow Anno, I'm so touched. Coming from you, who I esteem as highly creative, artistic and articulate, your comment means so much!