Sunday, February 14, 2010


We've been having the strangest but most beautiful foggy, frosty, damp days here in Calgary. Unusual because we are used to dry cold and lots of blue skies and sun. The sight of the frost on everything is stunning! Like a magical, mysterious otherworld...when I walk through it, I feel the child in me reaching out as I gaze in awe at the pristine whiteness everywhere I look. It makes me smile. It makes me practically giddy with delight! I recall not too long ago, asking God to restore my sense of wonder, having become tired of my cynicism. Maybe this is part of his answer. Each time I go out I wish I'd brought my camera. Today, I remembered! Here are some of my delightfully frosty pictures...not as frosty white as it has been, but beautiful all the same...


Why Sleep Is Good:

After an early shift at work yesterday, I slept for 3 gorgeous hours! Sleep is a rare commodity for me these days so it was almost intoxicating to experience! When I woke up, that's when I made the beans (previous post), but then I was like hey! Why not cupcakes?! The next day was Valentine's and work lately has been tough for folks, so I wanted to cheer us up. Here are my angel food cupcakes with pink cream cheese icing. I was up until almost midnight doing all of this but it was worth it! My co-workers suggested putting sleeping pills in my coffee if cupcakes was the result of a good sleep!

Finding My Inner Chef

I bought a 13-bean mix and made them Ugandan style. They are SO yummy! I also found brown basmati rice which I didn't know even existed and it is...mmmmm....the combo was amazing. 

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Finding My Inner Artist

A number of factors induced this sudden resurgence of my creative side: 

            ..working back at the museum and being surrounded by creativity, 
            ..the need to connect with myself on a deeper level as I adjust again to this world while still feeling the pull of that world,
   have something to do when I can't sleep, 
            ..and finally, to begin a portfolio of various art works for the possible future study of art therapy. (I've learned that you don't have to be an "artist" to study art therapy. You just need to have some experience with different art mediums.)   

And even if I don't end up going down the art therapy path, being creative is still worth it for all the other reasons listed.

So here is something I painted one night when I couldn't sleep...I attached two different versions, one is taken with flash on the camera and one is without flash:

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Way You Move Me

i didn't know i missed you so much
i didn't know i was hiding this ache so well
how did i get to be the lucky one?
chosen by you?
how did i get to be so damn lucky
to become part of you?
breath, bone and blood
face to face
earth and sky
and sun
wars and revolutions
life and death
we belong now
to each other
for better or for worse
i've given it all
to you.

(video is sara groves in "I Saw What I Saw", poem is by me)