Friday, November 06, 2009

Down With Malaria!

I am recovering from a quite severe case of malaria. Actually, it hit me much earlier than I thought but, two negative malaria tests left me thinking maybe H1N1?? Or just a nasty virus?

Saturday I travelled with Patrick to the village. I spent most of the day asleep on a mat. I started getting the telltale awful headache that comes with malaria. I was sweating, achy, all the grossness that comes with it..Sunday, Patrick raced me back to Kampala, about 4 hours, from the village and straight to the hospital. Blood test confirmed malaria ++. I don't know what the ++ exactly means, but definitely severe. So, they admitted me, IV'd me and started treatment. Three bottles of quinine, a very strong drug were administered to me over a few days. It made me feel weak and gave me a strange ringing in the ears, so it was like everyone was really far away when they talked.

Patrick stayed with me through the nights and the first day along with Clare, his sister, Emmie, his little bro and their cousin Emuron. They took very good care of me though I was pretty out of it.

It was a scary experience for me but I'm on the mend. And thankful for the huge sacrifice of care my family here made for me!

Next time I think I have malaria, I'll just take the treatment immediately, negative test or not!

No more malaria!


canadiangranola said...

so glad you're okay. :)

Thought you might enjoy reading about this woman's work as well....


offshore said...

hope that you'll recover completely really fast. I thought that there were vaccines thus. It must be pretty scarry especially when you are far away from a hospital. I know that people in Africa make tea from leaves of a plant/ tree that protects them from malaria. Perhaps you should drink this instead of your morning coffee.

Stacey said...

Yikes! I'm glad you're feeling better. Down with malaria1

Mark Wilson said...

Hi nicole

You left a comment on my blog post - As a man thinks in his heart - so I visited your blog. I see you mentioned Cape Town... I'm in CT. Was the previous post "paralysed by indecision" connected to my blog post? Where were you walking to?

I also see you are in YWAM in Uganda. Very cool. You didn't leave an email. Email me or look me up via facebook:

God bless,