Saturday, September 12, 2009

Riots In Kampala

For the last few days, riots have broken out in Kampala, because the president has refused a tribal leader entry to the city. Our team from Jinja that was meant to travel today to Kampala to catch the bus to come to Arua, had to delay their travels because of the violence. So, we don't know if they'll be able to travel tomorrow or not. They are coming to help us run the Ang Tulay here.

Patrick, who works in Kampala, was in the midst of the riots, but at least safe in his office building. He said he heard gunshots, and the military was everywhere and he even witnessed someone being beaten by a bunch of men! I was so, so happy when he finally got home and was away from city centre!!

Hopefully, these two leaders, both with a lot of influence, can come to an agreement instead of inciting violence among the people!

Some of my Ugandan friends are struggling, wanting so much more for their country than this!

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