Monday, June 01, 2009

Going "Home"

I'll soon be on my way. A few days ago, I told a friend I needed to get some more supplies for my friends back "home." She had a look of entertainment in her eyes when she pointed out how I referred to Uganda as home. I was surprised, not by what I'd said so much as how easily it came out and that I didn't think twice about it.

So, I'm going home. I leave June 13th and arrive in Entebbe the 15th. Spending a week in Kampala before going to Rwanda for a week to help a friend teach an HIV/AIDS seminar.

I have to say I'm pretty equal parts excited and nervous. I feel like I've adjusted pretty well back to Canadian life, only to have to re-adjust all over again in Uganda. Ah, well, I've become an expert at it I suppose.

Stay tuned for more adventure!

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