Thursday, January 01, 2009

Birthday 2008

On Boxing Day, Harriet and I fled our village in Pajulu and ran to the big city to have some fun celebrating a milestone birthday for me! I am still not sure how I can possibly be 30 already! We took a 7 hour bus ride there and stayed for 4 days. We enjoyed good coffee, the cinema, people watching, walking around town in the evening when the city comes alive and visiting my friend Heather. I haven't seen her since last January when I was in her wedding. Now her and husband David, have a beautiful baby girl, Abijah. It was a sweet break from Arua, but I was also glad to come home to my "village." Arua feels like home for me and there's no place like home.

Me and Harriet in Kampala
Me and Heather
David and Heather
Harriet with Abijah
Me with Abijah


stacey said...

Hey! Birthday girl! Sorry I missed sending you a note. We were in the technological black-out zone at the Lake.

Wow. You're really old now. At least fully grown up. Ha ha!

xoxo - see ya soon!

offshore said...

Happy Birthday! You are a lucky girl, not all of us get the chance to live in the paradise.