Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Would You Clean Out My Puke Bucket?

Well, I am really stunned and humbled and have to swallow some of my words from before. Two weeks ago I became SO sick with malaria that I couldn't drink or eat, I was puking and way out of it with fever and chills and this terrible malaria headache. We are living across the valley from the rest of the base, and since the DTS left on outreach it was only me, Paul and Eric in the dorm block. I was alone in my room but Paul and Eric became my nurses. Eric took me to get the test that confirmed my malaria and then for the whole week after that, they brought me food, soda, water. They carried my water for me to the shower, even put a chair in there for me cuz I was too weak to stand. They sat with me, prayed for me, encouraged me to eat when I didn't want to. They emptied my puke bucket for me, and kept their phones on at night in case I needed them. And when I was finally feeling better, they rejoiced with me; they were so happy! They really took such good care of me and I am so thankful. I have really seen the love, care and concern of my brothers in action. Have I ever cared for someone who is sick so carefully myself? In our culture, we leave people alone when they're not well; we respect their need for space and privacy. My brothers were constantly on the watch, even thinking they'd not done enough because sometimes I was left alone. I had to assure them it was ok with me. I am truly humbled.

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