Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I Am Sam

My mom sent me the movie "I Am Sam" in a package a few months ago. It's Sean Penn playing a mentally handicapped man trying to raise his daughter and Michelle Pfeifer as his lawyer. I didn't know how it would go over here, but my friends LOVED it! Like loved it so much we watched it twice in 2 days and then everytime someone who hadn't seen it came along, we had to watch it with them. Now we are all quoting it around the base and anyone who hasn't seen it is super lost and just thinks we're freaks. It's been really fun. So, thanx mom!


Speaks said...

Hey again,
Yea saw it on DVD a while ago with a friend of mine whose a mental health nurse. So poignant. Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer & Dakota Fanning are awesome. A great story with heart & humour. I’ve not seen it on normal TV. Not sure why as I normally record my favourite films to DVD. I’ll have to have a look through my collection to see if there’s anything suitable to send out for a Ugandan audience. I remember Vikki arranging a DVD evening for a group of Ugandan’s and somehow I got included. The film was very good, can’t remember what it was called, set in Australia, about a young boy who get befriended by an Aboriginal. Anyway, it was a great story, well acted, good dialect, no swearing, no profanity, nothing to complain about, but still didn’t really go down well. Vikki had gone to so much trouble to try and find something suitable. Perhaps a younger Ugandan audience would be more impressed. Anyway, I’ll drop you a line when I’ve managed to route through my DVDs. ttfn Dave

ps guess what I had to sign in for the 'Word V erification.' well I thought it was funny: Scobyi, pronounced Scooby, as in Scooby Doo where are you?

Sarah! said...

Babe, now I am following your blog..yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... Although you're in my room right now!!!