Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Job is one of our students from our Life Skills program at the secondary school. We went to visit him at his home in town and had a really great visit! We met his older sister, Imani, which means "faith" in Kiswahili and his cousin Frank. They are all from Sudan but have been living here in Arua for many years. I felt an instant connection with all of them. They are sweet and kind and intelligent. We talked politics, government, about our life skills program and YWAM in general. Paul, my colleague, expressed our hearts very well when he said, "we have gained a sister and two new brothers today." I really hope to continue to get to know them better. These are the moments that make me so happy to be here.

Left to right: Paul, Imani, Me, Frank, Job
I hope one day I will have a beautiful son like Job! Hey don't laugh! It could happen!

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