Tuesday, April 22, 2008

She Loves Me! She REEEALLLY Loves Me!

My homegirl Shan came to visit me ALL the way from Canada last week! Though it was short, we made the best of our time, talking, drinking coffee, talking, laughing at our stupid jokes, talking, eating, praying, talking, and we even squeezed in a little work! Shan tagged along with us to our school ministry, and to our HIV/Aids Life Skills Club (but none of the students were there-shame). She even used her linguistical skills to help a girl here learn to teach English to one of our staff here. Yah, it was great! Short, but great!

Saying bye at the airport. Shan was just about to kiss my cheek
There's her little plane in the background
Drinking, what else? Nescafe!!
Icky got to go back to Canada with Shan. He might have future travel plans.
African toes


Rob (too lazy to log in) Scott said...

Yuck! I hope you washed your cheek.

Hey, My word verification is "fpepr"

F Pepper! WWAP! Blinded by Nudo! Down but not out!


Ok now I'm out.


Vikki Wright said...

It was great having lunch with you two little maple leaves! Thanks for having cool friends and convincing them to come visit! Bless you, Shannon and Nics

Stacey said...

My sister has been strange ever since she got back. What did you do to her?

...Oh yah, she was already strange.

Nicole said...

I do believe she also comes from a long line of strange family members... ;)

stacey said...

Wait. A. Second. I think that's my blue shirt Shannon is wearing! I want it back!