Friday, April 04, 2008

How the Gas Oven Saved My Life

Digging-The Ugandan word for farming/gardening
Mingling-The process of mixing flour, boiling water and sweat to create a stiff porridge, the staple food for everyone here (the sweat is key to taste)!
Sigiri (I'm positive this is spelled wrong)- a metal stove to hold coals for a fire

So, I may not be able to "dig," I don't quite have the muscles for "mingling," and try making a cake over a sigiri with a Dutch Oven. Ok, probably someone out there is stellar at it, but not I.

However, give me a gas powered oven, and see how happy you will make me! Brownies, cake, bread, pancakes, French toast, water that takes 5 minutes instead of 15 to boil!

Two of our staff members left for three months to the UK and have allowed us to use their house while they're away, including the glorious gas oven! It has saved me from a possible nervous breakdown as I try so hard to adjust and learn how to do things the African way. My teachers have been gracious and encouraging, but the day I made brownies in that oven...yah, I can do that. I can bake. I love to bake. Me, I can do that. Here. In Africa. A peice of me is useful here.

I still fumble my way through the day to day life here in my village, and I'm learning along the way, but at least I have my gas oven.

Speaking of, better go check on my bread.

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