Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beauty and Mystery

Fragrant smoke from my incense stick wraps around me. Brown comes up beneath me, sturdy, strong; holding all the weight of my happily burdened soul while green shelters and canopies me in safety. I trust the greens and browns with these soft tears, all the "what if's" and "what for's." There is a dream's essence still haunting me; the sitting still holds hope for peace.

There is mystery and melancholy in the heavy, silver sky-I hope for rain. I stare into my own eyes in the mirror and wonder what's really in there. Something worth fighting for. Not all suffering and struggle. Thinking of the ones who drew me out into the open and kissed my soul with delight. Thanking them for seeing deeper. Wondering if I have the power within myself to escape my own walls or if there is hope of another. Maybe if I also become a soul kisser...draw us all out into late nights, staring with wonder at a wide, starry universe, and at eachother.

Ahhh...Beauty stirs up so much in me. Beauty and mystery. In your dark eyes; white smiles I am overwhelmed. Inspired to poetry or song; itching to dance next to you. Hoping you will come out, hold my hand and stare at the stars with me.

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