Thursday, December 20, 2007

Deep Sighs Are Prayers

It's been a long week. Phewwwwwwww.....let out a deep sigh.....

I have lived with the Scott Family since I got back from Africa in May. Rob, Stacey and their girls Emily and Kaylee have kindly and graciously put me up for the last 7 months. They have given me a room, have fed me, included me in their life and have grown in my heart to become my family.

So when Stacey's dad got sick and her sister (my best friend Shannon) temporarily moved in, it didn't feel weird or strange. It felt right that we should all be together. Shannon's boyfriend Will has traveled down from Red Deer a number of times to offer his support and lend a hand, quickly becoming part of the family too. Shannon and Stacey have been at the hospital every day since Allan was admitted. Three nights ago, he passed away in his sleep while both of them were by his side. Rob and I waited for them to get back from the hospital and we shared embraces and grief. The next morning I got a phone call at work that my brother-in-law's father had also died that night in a car accident. Overwhelmed by everything, I came home and was on the receiving end of comfort-giving. Weird hey? But also, not so weird. It just made me feel more like we were all in this together.

Now Shannon and Stacey are busy with funeral preparations, we celebrated the girls 4th birthday, Christmas in on its way, and I leave in 13 days for Uganda.

Life is amazingly dynamic. We may be going about our business and routine thinking we are in control until that illusion vanishes and we are suddenly thrust into situations we may not be ready for. Ready or not, life happens and I'm extremely humbled by this gift of life I've been given, thankful for a community that has become family, and awed by a God who knows and cares and guides....sigh....sigh now.

'We're walkin' on a thin string but I know The Lord got the whole thing in His hands.."
-Josh Garrels, Songbird

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KreativeMix said...

I'm sending prayers to all of you. You're right, God does have a way of humbling us and bringing us back to the things that really matter in this our journey..... blessings, peace and love to all of you. my sympathy!!!