Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Family Photo

My sister, Michelle, brother-in-law, Kirk and nephew, Keenan came to Calgary from Saskatoon this weekend to visit. This was kind of our family's Christmas celebration because they aren't coming in December. So since we were all together this one evening, I decided we needed a family photo! Who knows when we'll all be together again since I leave for Uganda in January.

We had to wake Keenan up for this and he was NOT pleased, so we tried to take the pic as fast as we could. We could have played around more with the camera and different images but hey, at least we got this one. Go Family Olsen/MacIver/Tasa/Chabot!


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foxyCDN said...

I love this!!! We got our first family picture in 5 years at my sister's wedding when I was in 10. There were 17 of us, 8 of which were kids! It was insane but so worth it!!!