Friday, November 23, 2007


I am building
This Ebenezer
Out of,

Well placed words,
A halo of blue tree lights
Cinnamon and peppermint oil on lips
Questions of purpose
"A Christmas Carol" sideburns
Three hugs in five minutes
A deliciously unexpected encounter
The whispered smile of divine,
Swirling in and out of the breath of our mouths.
Familiarity and mystery joyfully haunting
Confounding and simplifying
In the smile, the eyes,
The hand to face in expression of wonder.

For up to this point,
I have found help
So before I walk away from this place forever,
I'm placing my Ebenezer
Between yesterday and tomorrow
So I will never forget.

(1 Samuel 7: 12)


Michelle said...

I never tire of the way you make pictures with words. You are truly gifted baby!

Nicole said...

Thank you Michey! I really needed to hear that! MWAH!