Friday, November 23, 2007


I am building
This Ebenezer
Out of,

Well placed words,
A halo of blue tree lights
Cinnamon and peppermint oil on lips
Questions of purpose
"A Christmas Carol" sideburns
Three hugs in five minutes
A deliciously unexpected encounter
The whispered smile of divine,
Swirling in and out of the breath of our mouths.
Familiarity and mystery joyfully haunting
Confounding and simplifying
In the smile, the eyes,
The hand to face in expression of wonder.

For up to this point,
I have found help
So before I walk away from this place forever,
I'm placing my Ebenezer
Between yesterday and tomorrow
So I will never forget.

(1 Samuel 7: 12)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Family Photo

My sister, Michelle, brother-in-law, Kirk and nephew, Keenan came to Calgary from Saskatoon this weekend to visit. This was kind of our family's Christmas celebration because they aren't coming in December. So since we were all together this one evening, I decided we needed a family photo! Who knows when we'll all be together again since I leave for Uganda in January.

We had to wake Keenan up for this and he was NOT pleased, so we tried to take the pic as fast as we could. We could have played around more with the camera and different images but hey, at least we got this one. Go Family Olsen/MacIver/Tasa/Chabot!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

One Way Ticket

The ticket has been booked. I'm going back to Africa! The date will be January 2, 2008, nice way to start the New Year. I'm flying through Amsterdam and will stay a few days to visit good friends who were with me all last year, through the HIV/AIDS school in Cape Town and the outreach in Uganda/Sudan. I'm going back to the YWAM base in Arua, northern Uganda where I stayed last March-April just before I came home. I am hoping and praying about starting some sort of HIV/AIDS ministry, probably some kind of education/awareness/working with youth mixed with support for those infected/affected by HIV. Arua is also close to Sudan where I would like to go back to, also Yumbe, a village I've gone to twice and really want to go back to, and the base does some work in Congo (so I can use my French), and Central African Republic. All this means to you as my devoted reader is that I can get to a lot of countries pretty easily! I know it will all unfold once I get there.

I am SO excited!

I wasn't at first. When I booked the ticket, I was very freaked out. I went for a walk. It was damn cold! But I turned on the tunes and just walked. (As an aside, something I wonder if any other cold-climate person who has an ipod has noticed with a mix of frustration and amusement can't turn the click wheel on an ipod with mittens on, huh...) OK, so I walk and I listen to my tunes and I decide to sit on a bench for a bit and hope the cold wind will clear it all up for me. Well, when I look up, the first thing to catch my eye is a young Sudanese guy walking across the street and my first reaction is to laugh out loud because I know God just let me in on a little secret...This is what I want. Africa. There's no doubt in His mind or anyone else's mind that I know of, but I needed to be reminded.

And I'm SO excited!

Halloween 2007

I don't know how long it's been since I carved a pumpkin, roasted pumpkin seeds or handed out candy to the kids on Halloween. But I had fun doing all these things, especially because it was so exciting for Emily and Kaylee, daughters of Rob and Stacey who I live with.

E & K eating our pumpkin seeds

Our pumpkin "Johnny"

Me and Shan as bug girls

E & K in costume

Yah, that's my pastor...

...and his elegant wife Stacey

...and me...I might not be normal...

Johnny the pumpkin in old-fashoned spooky black and white