Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Globalfest with the Abdallah's

I took the Abdallah' (my Sudanese family) out to the Globalfest Pavilions on Sunday. I was suprised how many people they knew there. Other refugees from Sudan were there to support the Darfur dancers. They knew more people than me and have been in Canada only 5 months!! I met their community leader, Eisa and a few other people who I tried to impress with my tiny bit of Arabic. Ha Ha! "As-salam alaykum"

Mohamed liked the Spanish music and dancers the best, while Alawia and I were impressed by the Ukranian dancers who leaped and twirled in superhuman ways.

On the way home on the bus, I told them I would keep going downtown and make my way home. In their broken English, they managed to get me to understand that they really wanted me to stay the night at their house which touched me deeply. I had to decline their offer because I was working the next day. When their stop came, I shook Mohamed's hand, hugged Alawia and then Sayda, who held onto me so long, I thought something was wrong. But she happily waved to me after they got off the bus and I waved back giddily, so honored to be their friend.

Me and AlawiaSayda


The Abdallah's: Alawia, Sayda and Mohamed

Alawia and me


Christina said...

Love it!!!!

Rob Scott said...

Very cool.

Did you know that I can Ukrainian dance too? You should see me leap and twirl (you have to push me down the stairs to make it happen though).

I'm more experiened at Irish dancing: sprouting off opinions on a bar stool, flailing my arms to make a point while slowly slipping off the stool, eventually ending up on the floor asleep (river dance is just a really energetic, slightly gay version of this).

Tanya said...

Wow, I'd love to meet "your" Sudanese family when I get home :) We tease each other here because every khawaija has a Sudanese who takes special care of them, so a lot of the Sudanese here have "their" khawaija! Enjoy the last few days of summer.

Nicole said...

Ha Ha! I haven't heard the word "khawaija" in so long! My Ugandan friend Harriet used to call out "hey khawaija" all the time in Arua!

You will for sure meet my family when you come back!