Friday, January 05, 2007


Finally! The day has come! We leave tomorrow morning for Uganda! First we drive to Johannesburg airport (16-18 hours). Then we fly to Entebbe, Uganda where we will stay Saturday night. Apres ca, we will take the bus to Soroti. We stay in Soroti for 3 weeks, then some of us will travel back to Kampala by bus, catch another bus and head to Arua, in northern Uganda. During the last 4 weeks, we will hopefully have opportunity to spend a couple weeks in Yei, Sudan, just over the border. I am more than excited about this opportunity!!

I don't know how great internet will be there or how often I will have the chance to write but I will do my best to update you. Keep checking back just in case!!

Otherwise, I will be back in communication mode in March sometime.

I expect I will have great and wonderful things to tell you since we serve such a great and wonderful God who goes before us!

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Anonymous said...

"The only justification we have to look down on another is when we're about to pick them up." -Reverend Jesse Jackson

Congratulations, Nicole!