Friday, January 26, 2007

The Cow Has Been Delivered!

Friends, you have no idea what a tremendous blessing you have been to a very needy family here in Uganda! For those that don't know, my museum co-workers gave me money to buy a cow for someone while I was here. So I had been praying and praying that God would show me who and when and it worked out so perfectly, you wouldn't even believe it! Except that you should because now this family has income, has milk, their cow will be able to produce more cows which they can sell and they are so thankful to you they hardly had words! Simon, the YWAM staff member who helped me accomplish all this said even to him it is a blessing to see that the people back in Canada care so much and want to help!

So thank you you guys! Through your generosity, you have changed lives and I have been honored to be a part of this! Truly honored!

May God really, really bless your socks off! Miss you and love you!
Here is the husband and father of the family and the cow he picked out.
This is the family we bought the cow for. They have 7 children and live in a small mud hut on the edge of town.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Finally! The day has come! We leave tomorrow morning for Uganda! First we drive to Johannesburg airport (16-18 hours). Then we fly to Entebbe, Uganda where we will stay Saturday night. Apres ca, we will take the bus to Soroti. We stay in Soroti for 3 weeks, then some of us will travel back to Kampala by bus, catch another bus and head to Arua, in northern Uganda. During the last 4 weeks, we will hopefully have opportunity to spend a couple weeks in Yei, Sudan, just over the border. I am more than excited about this opportunity!!

I don't know how great internet will be there or how often I will have the chance to write but I will do my best to update you. Keep checking back just in case!!

Otherwise, I will be back in communication mode in March sometime.

I expect I will have great and wonderful things to tell you since we serve such a great and wonderful God who goes before us!