Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Look At The Last 4 Months of Life Here

It is always good to reflect on things. Nature, a conversation, a good book, why I ate half a BBQ'd chicken last night? (why, oh why)? And since it is also the end of the year and you're kind of supposed to do it anyway, I thought I'd share my reflections with you!

So, what has happened the past 4 months with me? Well, I staffed this HIV/Aids school, which is supposed to train people to get out into HIV/Aids ministry and hopefully make a difference wherever they go. So, I hope and pray we did the best we could. And as for me personally? I think I've finally figured out what I want...Yah....To know God and to be known by Him and to somehow express His love and goodness to whatever world I happen to be in. Wherever God sends me, I have this to hold onto. Him and me and the journey. Not always clear; often not clear but why must I figure it out? Why not just live it?

So basically, after 4 months here, I've come back to the beginning of vision. It's all new. Anything can happen. And I'm OK with that.


auntie shannon said...

...and I suspect that now -- )||( anything )||( WILL happen...

I love you, you crazy 28 year old fashion model from the too hot to conform and too cool to freak out, freakity freeksalot freaky fantasia fashion farm... [[just a little pee, just a little bit]]


guess mg said...

28 yikes you you you fashion model you