Saturday, October 28, 2006

Taxi Protests In Our Neighborhood

Well, things are much calmer since Thursday and Friday and everyone is fine. Only the mamas had difficulty getting to work because there was no transportation. Volunteers with cars drove them home after work. I actually had no idea anything was going on because we often here police sirens and think nothing of it. We are very well protected here and this kind of stuff sadly is pretty regular, so no one was very suprised. But here is an excerpt from one of the newspapers just so you can get an idea of what goes on here in our neighborhood.

"Today's action comes in the wake of chaos erupting on the roads around Cape Town on Thursday when protests by taxi drivers turned violent.Thousands of Cape taxi drivers demonstrated on the N2 near the airport. As tempers flared, they began stoning cars and buses. Police reinforcements were brought in and tried to keep the swelling crowd back with rubber bullets, stun-grenades and teargas while a helicopter monitored the scene from above.
At the centre of the operators' discontent is the national taxi recapitalisation programme, which seeks to regulate the industry and to bring in new and better vehicles.

The Cape Town drivers claimed they were being harassed by the South African Police Service and metro police, who were clamping down on illegal drivers and unroadworthy vehicles. Metro police officers were deployed to the N2 Borcherds Quarry intersection from as early as 6am on Thursday, where taxi drivers blockaded the road and threw stones, said metro spokesperson Novellen Petersen."

This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria News on October 27, 2006


Rob Scott said...


That's a bit of a flashback to Stacey's time in Capetown. When she was there was a "taxi war" where she was warned not to take a cab because rival cabbies were shooting each other and each other's fares!

Stay safe. You're in our prayers.

mikey gee said...

walking there can be more than a great exercise stay safe

Lada said...

Hi Nicole
I hope that riot is over.
Just to let you know that we are thinking of you every day ( like we have a choice with your photo in the Control Room overseeing everything (Big Brother/Sister)). I see you have a new people to make food with....We will let it slide for a while but remember you are our soup/ bread Queen.
You know that we love you

Nicole said...

Don't worry Lada, I won't forget about our soup days. We will have them again someday...maybe...if Africa doesn't steal my heart and soul forever