Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why It's All Worth It

I'm tired. So tired. It's one of those days I feel stretched thin. Like there isn't enough of me to go around or to get it all done.

I was on my way to my bed for a quick nap, when Mama Francis came over, looking for a song to play at Vusiyeka's memorial service tomorrow. Vusiyeka was a childcare worker here at BG. I didn't even know she was sick when we found out she had passed away.

Looking for a song...where to start? Something upbeat and hope-filled Mama Francis asked me. I opened the CD player and saw my Kathryn Scott CD in there. Played the very first song. "Heaven Is My Home."

Mama Francis closed her and eyes and swayed to the music there in my bedroom. "Yes!" she cried out in her perfect, beautiful Afrikaans accent. "Will you bring your player and play it for me at the service?" she asked with blue eyes shining. "I won't be able to get up and say something because I will just cry. But I can dance for Vusiyeka. I can dance for her."

Yes. Yes, Mama Francis, you can dance for her. We will all dance for her. He has turned Vusi's mourning into dancing. And He will turn our mourning into dancing too.


Anonymous said...

I've set your blog up as a favorite so I look at it daily for updates -- today I checked twice (for some reason) and I saw this new entry.
Sorry to hear about the loss of you friend -- I searched for the song you chose on the internet and listened. It's a very nice choice.

Miss you lots,
Christina - lina :)

Nicole said...

Christina-lina! I love you and miss you too!!! We should chat soon!