Saturday, September 02, 2006

September: Spring? Or Fall?

The other night I had a dream about Tim Hortons Coffee and Donut Shop. In my dream I was driving past and was contemplating stopping for my usual extra-large triple triple. I guess I was on my way somewhere and couldn't stop. But.... Mmmmm....Timmies!!
At little after I woke up, I suddenly remembered the dream and laughed! Any takers on the interpretation of that dream???!!! :-)

So, it's September. September as I know it is the smell of new school supplies, pencils, paper, binders. I love that Staples ad with the dad exuberantly shopping to the Christmas carol song playing in the background "It's the most wonderful time of the year," while the kids look on angrily.

September is also to me, cool fresh mornings and warm days. Leaves will start turning colour, days get shorter, and we grasp the last glorious days of summer before we need to pull out the socks and sweaters.

Well, September in South Africa is a celebration of Spring. September 1 marks the first day of this season for locals. One of the BG staff here bought everyone a rose to celebrate. The radio announcers had listeners call in about how they celebrated the first day of Spring. The last few days there has been snow (SNOW!) on the mountaintops, which we can see off in the distance. The snow too, is a sign of Spring here!

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? Simply to help you understand how strange it is to be thinking about Spring, with Summer soon to follow, when all my life, this month has usually been a bittersweet one for me. Here I am, just waiting for the warmer days so I can wear my shorts, and my flip-flops and to get a tan.

So, to all my Northern hemisphere friends: Enjoy Fall, and to the Southerners: Yeehaw! Welcome Spring!


Quill said...

Morning Nicole...yes we are quickly approaching the impending season where the earth rests so to speak. Your Mom was off last week and we took a drive to Canmore. I quickly finished my work there and we enjoyed a brisk lunch on the Bow near Old Camp and leisurly drove back enjoying the newness of the season. Snow on the mountains and the air crisp and clear with new smells. So our seasons are backwards, enjoy spring and the summer to come while we suffer through another winter, smiles. We can take it after all we are Westerners but still watching the skys. Blessings from home.
Love...Mom and Dad

anno said...

Hey Nicole,
Just thought I'd let you know that Dana hooked me into your blog and now I see you once in awhile from here :)
Your stories remind me of my brief love affair with West Africa and how the red dust flows through my veins once in awhile as I long for that time and place. Blessings in your work,

anno said...

Oh yeah, and it's good to know i'm not the only triple tripler out there...Sean mocks me mercilessly for my forays into the sweet sweet goodness of the triple triple.