Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Introducing Icky and African-Icky

For the pics below to make sense, I must introduce you to some important travelling companions to me, Michelle, and Shannon. Icky, a leopard-spotted newt, and African-Icky, a giraffe have already travelled extensively and wish to share their photos with you as well. Collectively, they have been to England, Ethiopia, Korea, India and South Africa. Now they can add the US and Malaysia to their long list of adventures. Cheers!


Auntie Shannon said...

You forgot Nicaragua. Icky went to Nicaragua with me and Africa Icky went to Africa with you - hence the double Icky, if I recall...

Hi Ickies!!! (don't eat the soap!)

Nicole said...

I'm sorry! I completely forgot Nicaraugua!

Hey! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!