Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm here, in Cape Town. It sort of feels like I've come home after a long trip. And it also feels more terrifying than I remember. I'll post some pics soon. Miss you all!


Rob Scott said...

Welcome back to your (other) home.

We miss you already ... it's kind of strange to check your blog just like I used to when you lived in the same house as me, but now you're on the other side of the world.

Emily and Kaylee were doing some wild and crazy dancing last night, which reminded us of your dance fests with them.

mikey g said...

hello moto,glad to see you had a great trip and met some nice people. Take care, I will e-mail you soon and don't take any wooden geico's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole! I'm happy to hear that you made it safe and sound. I miss you already, but I'm saving up for a trip to Cape Town!
Love you, and thanks for the Sudoko book. You rule :)

auntie Shannon said...

hey sweets,

I just got back from a long weekend at the cabin to hear your wonderful voice mail greet me. You sounded so good, and you know what? sounded already a little different!

I can't wait to hear what's going on when you're in there mode, as opposed to omigoshiminsouthafrica mode. y'know?


Nicole said...

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I am in between places to live at the moment so I'm not all unpacked yet. Once I get settled I will be better at corresponding. Know that I think of all of you all the time.

I sound different already?