Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"The air smells of braaied meat. The sun is hot, now that it has risen over the misted mountains. I ran along the beach in awe. Am I really here...again? And then I wondered where God is taking me this time. Sensed a complete upside down turning of my world yet again. I also wondered, how do I contain this moment in time? Holding hand to breast, I feel overwhelmed. The beauty, the calling, the life. Longing to be part of it, to face my fears and live in it, all messy, wild and beautiful.

God, You are my ocean, constant, rhythmic, strong, vast, comforting, alive, pulling me to the centre; all that is necessary; all that is needed; where the rest fades away into the horizon.

There is a gentle waft of ocean air. Lord, help me bring it to the deep places where it can be planted and part of me."

(August 5, 2006)

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