Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Road Trip to Rosen Lake

These are pics from the day and a half I spent at Rosen Lake, to say good-bye to the Scott family. Maybe I'm all sentimental because I'm leaving but the drive home last night was amazing, beautiful, stunning, and worth pulling over for twice! The sunset that made us stop for at first was gorgeous, but as we kept on driving, it grew more brilliant and detailed. Shannon said she thought God had said to her that there is more than just moments in life. And we don't have to chase them or be sad that they will leave us. Like our sunset that exploded and followed us, and changed as we drove, then faded into the most beautiful, twilight I've seen in a long time, this life is more than moments. It's a story, Shannon said. A story that explodes and follows us, changes as we move along, fades into more muted but still glorious expressions of a life we are living with an extravagant, creative God.

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