Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I was just really excited to hang out with the G-bow gang aight?! (Me, Lada, Jodi, Kelly, Kelsey).


mike said...

yeah mikey was inadvertenly not told till the last minute and could not make it but had a good evening too with his friend from chestermere and seen his new bike,anyway something about you guys looks suspicious.

Markie Mark said...

I know what yer sayin' Mikey. Nishizel jus' wanted to hang wit' da coo peeps, fo'gettin the res' her posse from da G-bow. Geez girl ya lef' da posse wit out even sayin' peace out.
Lots of luv from da ghetto
keepin' it real
MC Markie Mark

Nicole said...

Markie Mark!!!!! You made it to my blog! Dude, I so did not forget about you! Send me an e-mail so you can also get my updates!! You one of the coo peeps, fushizel!! A'ight?!