Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Road Trip to Rosen Lake

These are pics from the day and a half I spent at Rosen Lake, to say good-bye to the Scott family. Maybe I'm all sentimental because I'm leaving but the drive home last night was amazing, beautiful, stunning, and worth pulling over for twice! The sunset that made us stop for at first was gorgeous, but as we kept on driving, it grew more brilliant and detailed. Shannon said she thought God had said to her that there is more than just moments in life. And we don't have to chase them or be sad that they will leave us. Like our sunset that exploded and followed us, and changed as we drove, then faded into the most beautiful, twilight I've seen in a long time, this life is more than moments. It's a story, Shannon said. A story that explodes and follows us, changes as we move along, fades into more muted but still glorious expressions of a life we are living with an extravagant, creative God.

The gang at the lake

The crazy gang at the lake

A beautiful moment shared with a beautiful friend

We had to pull over just to stare


Oh Canada!

Oh Shannon...where are you?

Searching for moments that last

Looks like I've finally conquered the world!

Sky Fire

Friday, July 21, 2006

9 Days and Counting

Does anyone know how I can get music to play on my blog? It would be so cool to have a song to fit the mood I'm in....

Anyway, today I ran around doing errands and feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. I've been praying that God would help to be "in the moment" more because I am so often thinking of the next thing or even the last thing and suddenly this moment is gone.

I want to be in these last 9 days, not just rush through them.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A Day In The Life....

So first, with Tim Horton's coffee and bagel in hand, I arrived at my sister's to help paint my future niece or nephew's bedroom. In the end it will be a funky lime green to reflect the funky roots this child is inheriting (from me of course).

Then I met up with some of the Glenbow gang at Prince's Island Park as sort of a good-bye party. Not really a party so much as just chillin' and eatin'. My kind of gathering anyway.

Then we all headed to Cafe Med for shisha (flavored tobacco smoked through a hookah, or water pipe). I do love the shisha! Nice way to end the evening. Mike, if you're reading this, I thought of you and how we should have gone when you and M.B. were here. Next time. (And there will be a next time)!

Painting my future niece/nephew's bedroom for my sis

Yo, 'sup homeys! Just hangin' with my G-bow peeps at P.I. Park!

I was just really excited to hang out with the G-bow gang aight?! (Me, Lada, Jodi, Kelly, Kelsey).

My signature frisbee-throw move...ahh, look at my cute tummy hangin' all out!

Love you Jodi-o...you are a star!!

Shisha and some people don't mix...Kelsey?

Lada got the hang of it as Kelsey and Kelly eagerly awaited their turn

All we needed was to have a deep philosophical/spiritual discussion and this night would've been perfect

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Orvil The Orange

Check out this claymation video on Rob's blog. If Billy Graham ever did see it, I think Rob would become an instant supastar!! http://beerpriest.blogspot.com/

Friday, July 14, 2006

What's That Saying About Life and Lemons??

I'm not sure if it's the exhaustion of packing as much activity into one week as possible, or the emotions involved in saying good-bye to people I really care about or the impending big life change called moving overseas coming up in a few weeks and the doubts which ensue, or all of the above, but I would really like to bury my head under the covers for just a little while longer and deny that life can sometimes be so hard....lemonade....psh!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006

HIV/Aids Presentation

I presented at The House Coffee and Sanctuary yesterday afternoon. The House is where my church, King's Bridge, holds our weekly outreaches.

There's this emotion I am becoming more familiar with before I do any public speaking which is a mix between nervousness and focus. I think I might actually enjoy public speaking, which, if you know me at all, is one of those things you come to understand as Jesus transforming a person and equipping them to do the thing He wants them to do (like public speaking). Or maybe it's just growing up. I remember thinking I would literally die if I had to get up in front of a crowd and talk. The funny thing is, I was so heavily involved in drama back then. But playing the role of someone else is easier than being yourself. If the crowd rejects your character, what's that to you? They're not real. But if a crowd rejects you, then...ouch!

Anyway, the good news is I'm doing better with public speaking. The even better news is, as a result of the presentation, I raised $2000 for my trip! Thank you all! So I am almost there. I still need $3000 but I have another presentation to come at a church I'm involved with. I'm really looking forward to it, cuz, I love talking about myself! Hahahaha...case in point: my blog!!

That's Rob, my pastor. He me helps to good speak!

Getting ready to present at The House Coffee Shop