Friday, June 23, 2006

Visa Woes

Among the many requirements to secure a South African visa (police clearance, return ticket, letters from here and there, health certificate), I need a radiological report to prove I don't have TB. I just found this out after I already saw my doc for the health certificate. $20 bucks for her to sign a form that says I'm not mentally disturbed or physically defective in any way. I know once I'm there, this will all be a distant memory but in the meantime, it's just a big 'ol fat nuisance!!

So to make us all smile, I'm posting a pic of this dude I saw at Carifest with the longest dreads I've ever seen. If that doesn't inspire me to persevere....


Chase said...

pretty sweet!

there are a lot of folks with long dreads in the Minneapolis area and the other day i saw a guy with dreads down to his ankles! that's a little excessive!

Rob Scott said...

You can get a certificate that says you're not mentally disturbed for only $20! How come no-one will sign one of those for me - it'd be great to have in my pocket so I could pull it out everytime someone says to me "You're really mentally disturbed" (Which happens frequently).