Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Thrill-Seeking God

The ticket has been purchased! As long as the visa comes in, I will be on my way to Cape Town July 30! I fly via L.A. and Kuala Lumpur which, though long, seems a much more interesting route to travel than the usual Toronto-London-Cape Town route. I'm experiencing this rush of emotion now that it is so much more final. The recurring feeling is that I've just jumped off a cliff and my stomach is up in my throat. But when I look beside me, I picture God falling through the air with me, except He's not falling cuz He's God, and He's like this thrill-seeking sky-diver, so glad that I took Him up on the offer to fly with Him.

God, I love my life today!

1 comment:

roomie said...

Its not the fall that hurts but the sudden stop!!
So don't stop flying...
before you respond with "what does that mean?" Let me say...
What the heck does that mean?

Sounds like an analogy to walking on water... cool.