Thursday, April 27, 2006


I've had my new Plumb cd for a month or more already but yesterday was the first time I really listened to the words of the song "Jekyll and Hyde." It's amazing to me how God can get through to me even when I am flailing wildly, doing anything but listening for His voice. He is so gentle but also gets right to the point; the point that is hurting the most right now. I didn't even realize how badly I needed to bleed all over the place with Jesus carefully binding up my wounds. It's been so many well I have learned to cope....

"You remind me of a cigarette.
You burn up slowly and go out like that
You make it harder for me to breathe
You make my head hurt, you make my skin stink

So why don't you leave me alone
Or say you were wrong

Cause I don't wanna hide
I need the tears inside to dry
I want more than just to try and love you
Jekyll and Hyde

Well it's not easy for me to be
Somebody different, somebody else but me
But you're the actor, the extraordinaire
You make it look like I am the crazy one here

I am willing to forgive
Are you willing to take ownership?
Cause I'm so willing to forgive
We're only given one chance to live"

-Plumb (Chaotic Resolve)

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