Friday, March 31, 2006


This weekend, my wee, little church is going on a Holy Spirit retreat out at Rosen Lake near Cranbrook, BC.

I am super stoked! If you happen to stop by here during the weekend, please pray for us!

Friday, March 24, 2006


Ok, it's no surprise to anyone about how much I want to go back to Africa, but I'm not there yet, I am here. And a wise friend told me to be content where I am right now. I told him, 'yah, yah, of course, yah, I'm totally gonna be content, yah, cool, content...'

THEN, I read these verses this morning:

"Woe to those...who say, 'Let God hurry, let him hasten his work so we may see it. Let it approach, let the plan of the Holy One of Israel come, so we may know it.' " -Isaiah 5:19

And I knew these words for me. I saw myself as a little child pestering daddy about when that big exciting trip to Disneyland will be, everyday, asking, pleading, going even so far as to make it go faster for God, "helping him" make it happen.

I'm not sure what the "woe" is in the verse above but I've decided to not find out. Time to let go of the reins AGAIN!

Friday, March 17, 2006


Yesterday, on my run (I'm up to 6k now), I saw 4 mallard ducks just waddling along the path. Then on the walk home, I saw 3 bluejays! The sun was out, the snow was melting....


I don't care that the forecast calls for snow. Phooey on forecasts!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chez Moi

I just might have the best living situation ever. My pastor/landlord/father of the twins I nanny/older brother I never had/longtime friend, Rob lives upstairs with his family (Stacey, Emily and Kaylee) and I live down here with Shannon who is the auntie of the girls and my best friend. So really, we are like one little family.

On Friday night we borrowed The Village (a strange and eerie movie) from them and were watching it here when we heard a knock on the door at the bottom of our stairs. We paused the movie and yelled 'Come in!' and Rob appeared with nylon over his face, smushing and contorting it disturbingly, his hood up, and holding two bowls of rhubarb crisp while he tried to speak in his best creepy, creature-like voice a la M. Night Shyamalan. Shannon and I laughed so hard, I'm not sure how we were able to get back into the eerie, creepiness of the movie.

And that's why I think I have the best living situation ever. There is no shortage of laughter in this house, whether it's Rob, Stacey, Shannon, me or the twins, not to mention that whenever we are struggling, we have a community right at our fingertips to find support, encouragement and prayer in AND free rhubarb crisp!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Inevitable Freedom

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened by a yoke of slavery." -Galatians 5:1

Freedom seems to be the theme for the past year of my life. And I want it so bad. Freedom from past pain, freedom from fear, freedom to be me, freedom from expectations I put on myself and others, freedom from others' expectations of me, freedom to love, freedom to be loved, freedom to live and breathe this Love.

I believe freedom is coming. I believe freedom whispers to me like the whisper of Spring at the close of Winter. Like the seasons are sure to change, freedom is sure to come. It's inevitable.