Thursday, February 02, 2006

Making The Day Great

What a perfect way to start the day. More breakfast in one meal than I've eaten in a week of breakfasts, coffee, and good, good conversation with my girl Lana. It is so sweet to have had so many opportunities this week to connect on a deeper, spiritual level with some of my dearest sisters. I needed that.

Lana gave me a good idea for avoiding falling into the everyday routine here. Write a list of things I really value; things that make a day good, however simple, however complicated, and incorporate at least one into each day. Well, today is covered because I realize one of the things I value is connecting with people one on one on a level that I can't even really describe. But it lifts my spirit and allows me to walk out into the big, scary world, and not feel so alone or scared. So, thanx Lana, thank you becca and thank you Shannon! I love you girls!

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