Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Results Are In!

Canada has a new prime minister! Some people at work were unsure, some were happy, some don't trust PM Stephen Harper and as for me, well, I'd just like to give the new guys a chance after 12(?)long years of Liberal government. I have no clue when it comes to politics so you may all laugh at me, but I am excited to see change. Maybe that's just my nature. I enjoy change. Lots of people don't. Anyway, I just hope our new government has a positive influence on Canada because I want to be proud of my country. And be all patriotic-like, waving the flag, donning my touque, and proudly proclaiming my adoration for this Great White North of ours! Go Canada Go!


mike said...

OK, you can proclaim your adoration...but you can't steal my slogan. I've been saying Go Canada GO for years. ya plenty were saying Go canada, but the extra go is all mine baby!

Jess said...

Stephen Harper is our new Prime Minister???? Man, I am so out of it! I didn't even know we were having elections up there until I read it in your blog! lol

Nicole said...

Girl! Someone shoulda told you so you could have voted!
Mikey, you SO want to be a Canadian! Just face the facts and accept it man!