Monday, January 30, 2006

The Beginning of My Public Speaking Career?

Well, my presentation at Calgary Christian School went very well I think. Although, the video in my power point wouldn't work. Still, I think the message was clear: that we can each make a difference in our own way if we listen to the voice of God leading us. Y'know, the good 'ol starfish story....anyway, they may ask me back to speak to the high school (eek) and to be part of some fundraising work for HIV/Aids in Africa. On va voir, as my Beninese friends used to say.

Thank you everyone for your prayers! I wasn't even that nervous!


mike said...

They let you speak about God hand hlistening to his voice in a school. crazy canada

Nicole said...

Yah, it's pretty crazy, those Christian schools that let you talk about God...what up with that? ;-)

Rob Scott said...

YEAH NICOLE! I'm so glad your presentation went well (of course we all knew you would kick butt ... by the way, did you get in trouble for kicking junior high kid's butts?)