Saturday, December 03, 2005

This Is My Home!

Calgary went from a balmy +16 C last week to a drastic -24 C!!!

I know! I'm obsessed with the weather! On the one hand, it feels very Christmasey, like the kind of Christmas I remember as a kid. So cold your snot freezes! Gotta love Canada eh? On the other hand, well, I'm looking forward to the day when I'm a full time missionary in Africa and I can plan my visits to either enjoy the novelty of snow or avoid it completely! Secretly, I am kind of enjoying winter since I missed it last year. Don't tell!


mike ozaki said...

You can't be obsesed with hell when you're in it! -16. DANG!

Nicole said...

Ozaki! Sure you don't wanna come visit me here in hell before going home to sunny CA? Oh and it
was -24 C, not -16 C.

Jess said...


p.s. I'm MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...


Yah, me too actually! HA JUST KIDDING!