Thursday, November 24, 2005

Someone Sing Me A Lullaby

Ahhh...I just cannot seem to sleep. But it's not just tonight, it's been every night for the past few weeks. The only really great night of sleep I had was last week when I had the flu and I doped up on Neo Citran. Maybe I should try it now....grrrr....does anyone know how to turn off my mind? It's killin' me!

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Rolly said...

HI Nicole...
Thanks for the link to your blog, its great you are able to put thoughts in one place and share them with others. Sleepless, when that happens with me I sit quite and listen to God with pen and paper in hand, sometimes He speaks, sometimes not. As these busy thoughts keep invading the quite I seek Him and give them to the Father. Eventually its only His voice I hear. Know the Father loves you Nicole just as you are, He knows your heart and you are drawing closer to knowing His. In Jeremiah 29:11-13 He speaks into your life Nicole. God Bless you as always, know you are loved by your Mom and I and your family, know we are proud you choose to fly the opposite way...reminds me of a card you once gave me...Hugs...Rolly