Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Some New Nicole Developments...

Ha! Did I scare anyone? You all thought I was gonna say I'm off to another country again right?! Well, sadly, no, there are no immediate plans for jetting off to some exotic place. But there are a few new things to tell you about, however small they may be...

  • I've been doing classroom observations all week for my TESL course. Very interesting. A lot of work but very rewarding! I've met people from a dozen different countries in just one week! My favorite was the literacy class which had a lot of Sudanese refugees in it. Have I mentioned I love Africa? And Africans?

  • The cool thing about meeting all these people, is I've started to develop a love for absolutely every culture I come into contact with. I used to think I would never go to China or Japan just because I had no interest in them but after meeting some people from these places, I just want to go Everywhere!

  • Ok, I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I am taking up belly dancing at the museum. It's being offered to the staff for really cheap so I thought, huh, why the heck not? It's to go with the theme of our new show, Petra: Lost City of Stone. Pretty cool actually. I'll let you know how my belly does after our first lesson Friday night.

  • And lastly, I have decided to make a concious decision to be positive about winter. Any suggestions would be ginormously appreciated! (I can't believe I'm saying this).

Oh, one very final note....


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