Monday, September 26, 2005

Mini DTS/South Africa/Beautiful Gate Reunion

Our mini DTS reunion at Lake Minnewanka near Banff Posted by Picasa

I had a great weekend! Spent Saturday in Banff walking around, showing Esther our beautiful Canadian Rockies and catching up with everyone. Then on Sunday, Esther and I participated in the AIDS Walk For Life in Calgary. It was great to see people who I had similar experiences with and to be reminded that living a life of passion for Christ IS actually possible and is being lived by these people I spent the weekend with. I needed that. Thanx guys!


mike said...

Canadians are H.O.T.T.

good pic. (sniff, sniff)

Chase said...

cute picture, looks fun!

Jess said...

GORGEOUS picture! Man I miss those mountains!!!!!