Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mama Nicole Sees Her Kids!

So, after we celebrated my brother's house-warming, I met up with the friends I'd made in South Africa! They were DTS students: Esther, from Malaysia/Australia, Dade who lives here too and Chris and Dustin from Edmonton! We went to Kilkenny's and caught up on everyone's life. Esther has been travelling around the world and Canada will be her last stop before she goes back to Australia. It was so bizarre to be sitting at a table with people I lived with for three months in a township in Cape Town, South Africa! Really bizarre! Today Lana, another "South African" will join us to go to Banff for the day! Yes! The mountains! I always see them in the distance but haven't been able to go yet!

And I leave for Syracuse on Tuesday to see my Benin friends!!!!!

This is fun!

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